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Hey DGC, I really appreciate the guidance you’ve all provided me with during my grow. I’m running into an issue and this late in flower I really don’t want to screw the final product up or lose the plant. I’m kind of at a loss as to what to do right now. I’m on day 37 of flower and the majority of my fan leaves are turning yellow to brown and ultimately curling up and drying. This slowly started happening last week and has been progressing pretty quickly. I’m in Stonington blend soil and have top dressed with Gaia Green Power Bloom 2 weeks ago, aside from that I fed with a 13-1-1 compost tea a week ago as it looked nitrogen deficient and i know dry amendments aren’t readily available….and a few days ago when the soil dried out I watered with some Epsom salt. It did green up nicely two days later but then this problem started.

Is this burn or did I antagonize other nutes with an overabundance of N? My plan at this point was to just water with plain pH adjusted water for a while or should I flush right away?  Any help is greatly appreciated because I’m at a loss and don’t want to hurt her anymore then i may have already…

Thanks again everyone