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Hello All, Recently found your show on spotify, been hooked ever since. Last week when I looked for the next show and there was no content…. I was worried! glad your back and digging the new format. I’m new to growing and  working on my 3rd grow. 1st grow I used fox farm soil, 2nd grow I built a RDWC. Both worked but it’s crazy to see the grow rate difference… wow the dwc works. Now I’m in a new larger location new genetics (Strawberry Banana, Gelato and Velvet) first time using good genetics I’m excited! only a few months in from seed and took my first batch of clones yesterday.  Added lady bugs as a preventive this week. using 3 part nutrients (gh) also using recharge In soil this time. so far so good and just wanted to say thanks for the great content! keep up the great work!