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Hey everyone, I have been growing indoors for about three almost 4 years now and used to have two separate 2×4 tents and used one spider farmer sf-2000 which is rated basically the same as the hlg 300 minus 40 or so watts. I have recently moved into a 5 x 5 tent and initially set both of my spider farmer lights spaced about 2 feet away for maximum cross intensity. My question is I am currently growing autos which I have a bit of experience with and  During veg I didn’t really notice any issues. I am growing in soil ffhp with added dolomite lime due to low ph out of the bag. I used 4 tablespoons per each 3 gallon pot of soil. I cannot tell if I’m experiencing light stress issues due to height? At one point in early flower I lowered the height and raised intensity slowly over a few days to max. I cannot tell if the added dolomite lime stone has a bad ratio of calcium to magnesium and wondering if this is causing a potential nutrient lock out of magnesium and or nitrogen? I currently have 2 of the spider farmer lights in use and one hlg 300 r spec I just received today. Lights are currently at 36-40inchs and was seeing bleach marks or what appear to be bleach marks and classic light stress issues around 24 inch height. Anyone experience the same? Here are a few pics. I have also been battling a minor ish spider mite issue but using azamax seems to keep at bay. Any help would be appreciated the leaves towards bottoms and mid growth are turning yellow and looks to be a mag issue or similar? Some of the new growth and mid growth have some yellow tips only which doesn’t quite look like nute burn but have noticed the two plants exhibiting symptoms are also a general lighter green in color which tells me lower nitrogen levels. I am feeding advance nutrients Sensi grow and bloom with added massive bloom bloom enhancer. I was initially watering with our oh water around 6Ppm with some added cal-mag very little bit I have also been feeding half strength so it should be enough? Thank you so much for anyone’s help I apologize about the long paragraph but I think I am experiencing a few different issues. This is the first time I’ve ever added dolomite lime and hoping that’s all it was for next harvest. Buds still turned out amazing!