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Hey what’s up DGC,

Hope it was a good cup. I watched some of Pedro’s streams, looked like a good time! Hopefully I’ll make it down one year, from the cold wintry north.

Anyway, I was watching the Adam Dunn show on Friday and heard about a new LED. Company is called Revolution micro. They make a double ended and some other lights too. From some quick searches, people seem to like the DE. Their LED looks pretty amazing, but it hasn’t hit the market yet. It’s dropping this summer. it’s fully tunable to change the Spectrum, can run from as low as 30 Watts all the way up to 1150. And its retail price is $899US. They say it’s the first LED to compete with the double ended. So it seems like a really good light, and amazing price point. But is it too good to be true? Obviously it’s hard to tell because it’s not being released yet. But can anyone check the specs and see what they think? (Guru?)

Or has anyone got personal experience with any of Revolution micros lights? They also just posted a pre-sale on Instagram, where is you order before June 1st, for a July release, you get it for only $599. I’m really tempted, going to think about it. Please add any input you have!


Thanks! ✌