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So I’m adding a living soil bed to my indoor garden. I have a 200 g fabric pot and will be running a blumat dripper system.

My questions are about ratios and aeration. From what I’ve read/seen, the most common base recipe is 33% peat moss, 33% aeration, 33% compost. I have also seen 60% peat, 30% aeration, 10% compost/topsoil (from build a soil youtube). I think I’m leaning towards the build a soil recipe but would like to hear any opinions/experiences anyone would be willing to share.

As far as aeration goes, I would like to use grow stones or pumice (also featured in build a soil youtube) but sourcing them nearby has proven to be a bit difficult and I’m not really interested in paying hundreds of dollars for shipping, so these are not really options. I have read that perlite does not work well as eventually it will break down and compact. The options I’m left with seem to be lava rock or hydroton although I’m not sure if either of these have the same issue as perlite. I also have a good source of biochar (I will be adding some to the pot) but I don’t think this would substitute the major aeration. Does anyone have any experience with using either of these for aeration in a living soil? Interested to hear others’ experiences!

Pic is Ninja Fruit in veg mode 🙂