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Good morning Dude, Scotty, Guru and DGC. First off, gotta tell you I love the show so much I had to become a member. You all make growing more interesting and fun. Thank you for that.Been growing for a few years so far. I’m on my 2nd grow with GG#4 with FF OF in 10 gal. fabric pots, FF nutes along with RECHARGE. Great stuff Scotty. I’m in a 5×5 tent with 1000 watt. HID. Before I forget, Thank you and SHN for the 5 pack of Banana OGx. They are up soon. Trying to get some Cinderella 99 for future grow. Here’s a couple picks of my GG#4. First pic is a close up of a tiny bud that wasn’t getting enough lite, so I cut it off 4 weeks before harvest. 2nd pic is my 4 girls 15 days before harvest. Tried using a trellis this grow ‘Never again’ to hard to get to my girls. Keep growing and making the world a better place.