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What’s growing on Dude and Scotty!!! and the rest of the DGC.

Dont let my name fool ya I’m not the god of dank, i just love dank and well I’m told i look like thor, so there ya go…..anyway to the topic at hand!

Couple questions, the second part is kind of geared towards Scotty in regards to bamboo so you can skip that if you read this on the show.

First part though, I am new to growing cannabis but have dabbled with growing random peppers over the years,  I am experiencing some yellowing of my leaves. I use a vivosun 600 watt led light and i am using a mix of 70 -30 ish of coco and perlite, I have ordered Recharge, and fox farm big bloom, tiger bloom and big grow. Well due to scammers and hackers, my bank account got compromised and I am still waiting on my nutrients. This is only the 2nd day of seeing the yellowing. I currently have the lights on for 16 on and 8 off. Could it be possibly a light overload at first or does my impatient ass have to wait for my nutrients to come in? lol. At least my pay pal allowed me to go and get my membership so I am no longer a freeloader of information. lol

Second for Scotty – attached was a picture of the bamboo i got growin in my yard, I want to transplant it to another area in the yard cause its currently growing in the nook and crany where my fence and my neighbors fence meet. Is there a safe way for me to move them into another section of my yard or do you have some good books and resources i can get my hands on to learn more? I could easily google the shit, but since you run a bamboo farm and well, I figured who else to go to but my favorite podcast crew.

Looking forward to the responses. Thanks all and keep on growing!