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Hello all! I am a new member as of today and have been watching and enjoying DGC all winter. Great stuff!! I enjoy aquatic planting in fish tanks and am an experienced organic vegetable gardener. I wanted to see how my organic soil inputs work out on cannabis. So here I am.

This is a Seedsman Lemon Auto (Lemon Haze x Lowryder #2) in week 7 total from sprout that was given as a free seed from a Seedsman order. This is the first auto flower that I have grown. It is in a true 3 gallon with a mix of Pro-Mix BX with HSU leaf compost, worm castings, Azomite, Jobes organic tomato fertilizer (2-5-3 mostly chicken manure with mycorrhiza and other beneficial strains) with some Alaska liquid Fish Fertilizer (5-1-1) for veg and for flower a combination of Fox Farms Big Bloom and Espoma Bloom liquid fertilizer (1-3-1 this is very similar to a compost tea mix). Liquid nutes are watered in frequently but at a real dilute amount. Maybe 1/4 strength or so. I use city tap water that is 165 PPM and 7.6 pH which is filtered thru an AlexaPure Pro water purifier. I never check pH or run off. Soil microbe buddies keep that all in check. 🙂

Seedsman said this is a small variety that tends to produce a single cola and little side growth. Yeah I don’t think so! This thing is growing well and getting big. 2 feet tall already, decent bud sets and very bushy. These autos are fun! They feel a lot like a fast growing pepper plant. Hope to update when this lady is ready.  Thanks DGC for all your work! 🙂