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Been searching for some help, thanks if you could throw an opinion. Brown spots driving me fucking nuts! 20 days from seed in dirt..got a chill led 330 on full blast and am trying to nail down if it’s a cal mag issue. So far it’s just happy frog/ocean forest and perlite. Bit of iron and super thrive after recent transplant and RO out of the tap at 6.5ph and 90 ppm but unit has a mineral add in for flavor. The strain is one in growing from Alaska called Spenard OG that got seeds from a Hermed acid cookies that I’m guessing is lsd x girlscout. Temp and humidity have been damn near spot on starting with 85% and have been decreasing by 5% every week to 70% at current temps have been maxed at 83°and lows at bedtime have been no less than 68°. The light has been cranked full blast but no co2 in a 2×4 tent. Ac inline, no filter yet and good air flow via fans.