How’s it going DGC!?!

I had a good opportunity to try out New Millenium Nutrients and would like to share what I have experienced.

My normal feeding as of lately has been Canna Coco (thanks Scotty!) along with a good amount of Grow More and Optic Foliar, and, of course, the el rechargo.

I spoke with Jarin a few times at length, and was really happy with the manner in which he addressed my concerns about living soil and nutrient transport. Seriously, he’s a great resource and really helped me understand the differences and what makes New Millenium stand out.

The grow was going good, but, as the last 2 grows or so, around week 4, I notice some stress. It seemed like a deficiency, like the plants just aren’t taking up their food. There was nothing in my feed schedule that gave the plants the humic and fulvic during those grows, and I was looking for something that could provide those benefits. MAN, things got good fast.

First thing I noticed was the improvement in the plants. They shot back up and stood tall instead of slightly drooping. Like the first few weeks of bloom, where the leaves almost go vertical looking to get big big big. They started to do it again, all the while buds looking great weeks 4-6.

The strains were Allen Wrench clones(11-12 weeks typically but now they shortened it to 10-11) and Dream Queen lablets (7 1/2 – 8 weeks, what a nice tight schedule) from Dark Heart in Cali. I’ve found them to be consistent but tend to lose a couple lablets. Which is funny, as they should theoretically be badd assss from the beginning. However, they were most definitely BA later on, and even though I hacked them a bunch for clones for a friend, they made the grade.

Back to the New Millenium line, I had a question about the Equinox as it seems to have some pretty large, about 1mm, flakes in the liquid. I have large emitters, so it’s not a problem for me. However, and even with some assurance from Jarin, I’d be hesitant to run it with an aeroponic system as I’ve done in the past.

Overall, A++. I don’t have availability here in NorCal except Berkeley, so I’m going to make a long trip to get my hands on a gallon of each of the base nutes and will be sure to add more humic and fulvic in my coco here on out. In the meantime, I’m alternating my Canna line with New Millenium and hope to be able to run these strains long enough to get a good idea of the differences.

And I’m stoked with the new site.