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What’s going on DGC. Comin to ya from the southeast. So I’ve been a bottle guy for awhile now but, After listening to soup chime in a few episodes ago, I feel like an idiot. I’m a rancher and farmer by trade. So I have access to all sorts of great material most of which was talked about. I guess the reason I was scared to go organic was trying to find that balance. I tend to about 1200 acres of peanuts and some fields of melons. We also have quite a few animals including cows horses and dogs. And keeping my cannabis plants Happy is the hardest chore. I stuck to bottles for so long because I know how sensitive a cannabis plant can be compared to a commercial peanut plant. After reading through growers love I have a great start but, I still have a few questions. Mostly about my use with cypress sawdust and other wood shavings. What kind of uses or Benefits could this bring to the table? I put some in my compost to kind of bring the flavor of my area but, don’t know what it will really do. After seeing my resources in my area could someone maybe come up with a very basic setup to see if I’m on the right track here. I’m in a sandy humid (60-90) hot area. But winters can be windy and cold(30-60f). Knowing the source of my soil is my main focus

Here are the materials I have available.

Compost (cattle, horse), worms


peanut shell shavings

cypress sawdust

Spanish moss

Oyster shells

expired produce

ps. I attached some pictures just to share the beauty of Gods country out here.