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Hey everyone,

New to the grow scene. Got interested last spring when I found out that adult use was being put on the ballot. Started researching and that’s how I found the DGC.

I got my 4×4 tent and just finished my grow light build this weekend. It’s an HLG quantum board setup with 4 qb304’s in 2700k, 2 qb288’s in 5000k, and 3 qb96’s in 5000k. Drivers are setup right now to push 480w measured at the wall. Looking to add some UV in there somewhere as well.

Next weekend is setting up the ventilation and then bucket setup for DWC after. Hope to get 4 plants up and running by year end.

Our new laws go into effect Dec 6th. They will allow 12 plants per residence, 10oz finished bud at home, 2.5oz on when you’re out and about.

I just wanted to pop in, say “high”, and share my progress.