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Hey guys, love the show. Been using fox farm ocean forest and the the big 3 bottled nutes for past 5 years of growing and i always use 5 gallon pots and veg for 2 months. Lst and topping as well. Switched to fox farm dry amendments for nutes on current run and amended with 1 1/2 cups 5-5-5 for first feeding at 2 months veg and switched to flower a week later. I’m now 3 weeks into flower and just started my first tea. Used 5 gallons dechlorinated tap water at 200 ppm and 8.2 pH. 5 cups of worm castings, 5 tbsp. of unsulphered molasses, and 1 cup4-9-3 flower and bloom dry amendments. Should i have ph’d the water? Recipe seem good? And what should i do with leftover castings and amendments. Thanks guys.