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Hey DGC! So I’ve grown autos off and in for about 2 years in prohibition land. Recently I fired my grow back up and ordered some autos from Fast Buds. Unfortunately even after I’ve gotten my grow dialed in I’m having terrible luck with stunted plants. I’m quite sure it’s genetics as I never had this issue with ILGM genetics. I could switch breeders and continue with autos but I’ve decided to learn photos.

I grow indoors in a room I made. The conditions, temp humidity ext are on point. I have a 2×4 tent I’ll veg in. I’ll start in a solo cup and likely use dots in coco as my food after the transplant. When should one transplant? How long should I veg? I’d like a short trained plant, should I top multiple times? What size final pot should I go for? The flowering room is large so space is  tan issue but I’m not looking to grow monsters just some quality medicine as easy as possible. All help is greatly appreciated! You guys rock!