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My background with various cacti and succulents has established a mindset in me that, in general, when it comes to nutrition, less is often more. This has led to  me chasing deficiencies more than I would like in these first few tentative indoor attempts. This, my 3rd, is my first try at autoflowers and I am afraid to over-fertilize now that flower has begun in the second, larger phenom. This is White Widow auto by Nirvana x Purple Mazar by Flash Seeds. Pheno #1 is tiny and purple, very dense delicious nose candy. It was ready in 82 days, seed to harvest and is still curing. It will have to be special to save this big bud on a stick. But it does stink. The much larger Pheno #2 is my problem. They are just entering flower in the last 10 days after transplant from 3gal hard plastic nursery pots to 5 gal airpots. What is a safe nutrient to use in this organic grow to finish? The soil is heavily amended with the mix consisting of; Peat moss, compost, perlite, worm castings, alfalfa meal, cottonseed meal, crab meal, oyster flour, azomite, insect frass, biochar, granite powder, trichoderma and various other myco components including Mycoblast.

Grew my first outdoor weed in 1971. I am a decades long cactus and succulent grower and, as circumstances would allow, there may have been various psychoactive floriculture ventures of the cannabis kind. I only tried an indoors grow once, in 1984. The product was meh and, in the end, people went to jail. I found that off-putting so I smoked what I could find on the black market for the next 35 years or so. Now I am back, bored, tired and retired. The threat of incarceration bares broken fangs. I am pretty sure that I will lose less sleep by going for it than not. I have been soaking up the knowledge, as best as a well used sponge might, and I appreciate the focus on soil biology.

I don’t want anything to go wrong now but what the fuck, life is a short barefoot dance on sharp stones. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for all the knowledge and for having a good time dishing it.

Peace, love and rock and roll.