When to stop using EM-1?

What’s up DGC? I’ve been applying both Overgrow and EM-1 as foliar sprays, on separate days of course. I know that you are supposed to stop using Overgrow after the 4th week of flowering, but when do you stop applying EM-1? Is there a general rule of thumb for...

Forum Cut Cookies Bagseed

Found a little beaner in some forum cut cookies. Used straight roots organic soil right outta the bag and inoculated with recharge. Used the whole vegamatrix line. Vegged under led and flowered with hps. This girl was finicky but produced some of the most delicious...

LED Build lowering cost

Good day to all the awesome DGC'ers and a very special thanks to the Dude, Scotty and Guru for keeping it real. I have been building LED systems for a few years with my main objective being low cost and efficiency. Finding part and suppliers is very hard where I live...

Follow up on Nukehead Grow

Hey Gents, & Ladies in the Crew too.  Hope all are well.  Just wanted to drop the follow up the Dude asked for a while back.  This is a "Nukehead"  late in week 9 of flower.  Outdoor pure organic grow.  I scoped her this AM.  Her trichs are almost there.  I would best...

DWC Foam with Recharge

Hey what's up guys novice grower here following to Captains nute schedule just added some Recharge into my reservoir and the ol gal is foaming like you would not believe when I was germinating them I didn't use the recharge and it wasn't foaming at all could I of used...

Anaerobic Bacteria and Fabric Pots

Dude, Scotty, Guru, and the great DGC, I've been listening for about a year and finally caught up with all 500 or whatever episodes. Always wanted to chime in but living in prohibition land and growing the dank I kept away from the internet community to keep me away...

Help identifying this bug!

Hey DGC, So I found this bug on the pot of one of my ladies today. I'm it sure what it is I got on the line and searched google for pics of it but didn't find anything that looked exactly like it. I'm it sure if it's a bug in should worry about. I didn't find anymore....

Duck Foot Problem

Love the show. I have been running facilities since 2012 from Arizona to Washington st and I still learn something from you guys every day. Thank you


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