Bottled organics?

Hey guys, Huge fan of the show! I wanted ask your thoughts on bottle organics? So far I’ve only grew with General hydroponics line and and feel like I want to make the switch to bottle organic nutrient. Ie: Nectar for the gods. Any advice or suggestions would be...

Outdoor grow help

Hey dudes hope all of you are well loving the show as it gets me by work while giving me valuable info. I’m having issues with my outdoor grow here in SoCal, I’m growing in a living soil system that I’ve been making for the past year and so far so good. I have a...

Tobacco Mosaic Virus??

Hello all, been noticing a couple leaves with funky growth and after doing a bit of research, i'm convinced I have tobacco mosaic virus. It is only on 1 plant in my flowering tent but its having zero effects on growth, as a matter of fact, its on the healthiest plant...

New-ish Grower Help

Hey DGC, I stumbled on the DGC Youtube a couple months ago and have probably already watched/listened to 75% of the episodes. Love the content, the helpful community vibes and resources, and you guys are the perfect trio of personalities and experience levels. I am a...

Powdered mildew on my outdoor grow

Hey just had a couple questions regarding optic foliar (Elium) and powdery mildew. My first question is, will Optic Foliar Elium get rid of powdery mildew(assuming I have correctly diagnosed the issue properly)? Secondly will it have any impact on my organic grow?. I...


Is it possible to start from seed to harvest on a 12/12 light cycle? If so please give me information. I am very interested. I have a feminized seed and a Autoflower seed started from seed on a 12/12 light cycle will it work?  

Azomite White Powder

What's up DGC anyone know of or use this product with coco? I stumbled upon it looking for a more affordable silica additive on Amazon. I currently use Rhino Skin from AN which is soluble potash derived from potassium silicate. But for 42$ for a 1 liter... And Amazon...

Autoflower advice

Cheers DGC. Been missing the show! I have a few cream caramel autos that seem to be getting close if not already done. I'm some what of a newbie and never grew autos so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Some of the calyx seem to be dying and turning brown also....

What to grow next?!

Yo DGC, Question because I am overwhelmed with the SeedsHereNow website. I am a new grower who had great success with my last grow from a bag seed. Harvested an oz from my first grow! I have caught the grow bug and am full bore into this. I would like to get another...


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