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Two Plants One Cup

What's up DGC?  This is my first post ever, but have been a fan since the beginning. You guys and the DGC community are the shit, and continuously make my day. I Look forward to hearing the show each day on the drive to work and read through the forum by night. I've...

Next Grow set up

So I want to finish all my auto seed I already have in my 2x4. I have about 7 seeds I have 2 Hi-Sdard switch leds, 100ish watts total output, and 2 hlg 100v2s 4000k . I was looking to use 3 gallon pots for for 3 one under each HLG and one in the middle of the of them....

Follow up to outdoor finish times

Hey Dude, Scotty, Guru, and crew. I posted back in July and I wanted to do a follow up.  Let me recap...  Back on June 7th, I moved 6 clones outside.  They had been vegging for a couple months and went from 7 gal fabric pots to 25 gal plastic containers when they...

Did I screw up?

Hey all, me again, first I want to thank you all for giving me some great info. on the PreFlower pot size, but I’m wondering if I screwed up. Like I said this is my first grow not using auto’s so what I did is wait until the plants got to 5 nodes which was exactly at...

Autoflower Issue

Whats up guys! Sorry for the lengthy body of my question, I just want to be as specific as possible to get some accurate answers. First off, I recently discovered your show (love it!) and I plan on becoming a member very soon. I have a question about leaf curl with...

Hermi Seeds

Hello guys, been listening for a while and recently signed up for a monthly sponsor membership. I loved the show and wanted to help out and support. Its nice to find a community of people with such great love and passion for the plant. Anyways guys, my question is...

Ramshackle LED choices

What's growing on DGC! I'm in country that has VERY limited options when it comes to grow lights. Especially when we're talking LED. I can find some "blurple" lights that are from China, but I'm not sure what to go for. I was thinking of going with a 800W nameless COB...

Blackberry Pic’N

Can’t wait to dive into a bowl of... Blackberry autoflower outdoor grown! My first outdoor summer auto grow. Gonna crush this inside (my preferred grow space) next time.  This purple pheno sure does smell SEXY! 😀

Herm? What are my options?

I have recently discovered my fem gelatos from the single seed centre are growing balls. 2nd week from pistols 3rd from flip. I have removed all male growth I could find. Not naners. They are (were) in a fully dark unused bedroom in a 8x4 tent under 2 mars sp 250 and...


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