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Hey guys, Really enjoy the show, thank you for the knowledge and entertainment. Heard a new one in my circle the other day. We were told that a possible flush in the flower stage can be done with Gatorade. Half the group says it’s got sugars, potassium, electrolytes...

Damaged Leaves

Hey guys, I have this damage on my leaves. I’m sure someone will know what’s going on here. Keep up the good work guys! Also, you need to get Recharge to New Zealand!

Help Required Gents

Hi Gents, First time fellow from the UK here, big fan of the show btw! So my set up is 80x80x160 (cm) tent, growing in canna coco pro plus with about 20% perlite in 5 gallon smart pots, using cana a+b, rizo, hydro vega and cal mag, these are autos so i am only using...

My First Grow

Hey Dudes just joined your awesome podcast. This is some Afghani autos going back to old school.

Two Tents Buddy!

I’ve got so many questions my head hurts. I just want a 4-6 plant perpetual harvest so the wife and I don’t have to look for decent bud anymore and I need help figuring out the best way to run my equipment for yield & efficiency


Will composting bananas raise my potassium levels in my compost to the necessary nutrition needed to last a full flower cycle or should I be amending? If so what weeks? PEACE DGC !!!

Second grow.

What's up Scotty, Guru and Tha Dude, im on my second crop now and having an awesome time! My lights are a 315 cmh and 100w rapid chilled logic v2, growing in organic soil (Big Rootz, Roots Organic and sohum mix) they have been top dress twice with a mix of...


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