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Almost time to cut the cheese!!!

What's up ,Dude , Scotty, Guru and crew!!! Just wanted to thank all of yall and the rest of the community for all the Grow knowledge yall share , that less fortunate folks such as myself, down here in prohibition land don't have privy to. anyways just wanted to show...

72 hrs of blue & white spectrum only b4 CHOP 🙂

New grower this is my 3 run. Growing in Botanicare aeration coco - 15 gallon pots - Botanicare nutrients - Recharge " now a believer!" - SLF-100 & a organic tea concoction day once a week. My question is: What do you know about running your lights in only white...

Dude Grows Show 789 Grow Talk

What's Growing On DGC? The Dude & Scotty Real are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis Culture and Growing. THIS EPISODE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY:

Revegging Mature GG#4/BlueCookies

Figured I would throw up a reveg thread, seeing as I just finished my Powdery Mildew thread (lol ugh). As I type I have 5 er 4, (im in Canada) mostly cut back plants. That may change by tommorow. May be down to 3 lol. One is really rough. It was  -7 or -8 celcius when...

Co2 bag’s, yay or nay?

I got a myco2 bloom bag, I got the bag on the floor away from the exhaust vent I was going to keep the tent closed up and shut off the exhaust but it got hot rather quickly! So I turned the exhaust back on. My question is will the c02 bag be effective at the bottom...

About CO2

I have a 6x7x8 grow area. 2 600 watt hps and to keep my temps right. i have to run an exhaust fan 24/7 and i was wanting to add co2 but i thank if i add it i'm just going to be wasting money since i have to run an exhaust. am i right? any advice would be much...


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