Sacrificing a white widow

So a few shows back you "guys" at DGC where speaking to the topic of Broad mites and weather you thought it was possible to completely remove them from your grow medium. In that show Guru said in his opinion it would be best to remove the soil and start over. I'm...

Understanding how to use my Nutrients

Hey DGC, so my problem I'm having is getting true accurate information. Looking something up online can be helpful but also can point you in the complete wrong direction. That being said I have been trying to figure out what am I suppose to be actually doing when it...

Sharing the Babies

Hey there DGC! Just wanted to show off the White Widow feminized babies. They broke ground only 12 days ago. Ill be transplanting 2 of them into a 35 gallon fabric planter full of home made super soil soon, and the 3rd is going to a friend. This is my first ever...

Sub irrigated tote planning help

Hey all, first off great show! Gets me through my day. I was wondering if anyone out in DGC land had some tips on a sub irrigated planter/hempy. My current set up Is 2 bags of roots organic soil, top dressed twice and fed lots of mammoth p + recharge. I am under a...


Love the show guys I was just thinking Some of the plants you guys are showing look kind of weak underdeveloped and a waste of a grow sorry for being so blunt here’s a pic of a Autoflower that has about two weeks left. For some reason it looks small to me also. Any tips on prolonging the veg cycle of a Autoflower much appreciated thanks Chad.

Bud Rot. Impossible to prevent?

I've had bud rot issues in the past but, only on monster colas. So I purposefully topped and trained the hell out of these plants, hoping for more, but smaller colas. Lots of fans, RH mid 40's after three weeks of flower, and I'm down to 72F this last week of flower....

Recharge Saved my First Grow

What’s up Dude, Scotty and Guru. I recently lost my job and found myself with some spare time. While discussing my bed move with my friend I took a sip out of my car water bottle (don’t worry dude it was reusable). I got the worst shock when I tasted a chunk in my...

Dude Grows Show 968 Wake & Bake America

What's Growing On DGC? The Dude & Scotty Real are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing. THIS EPISODE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Support The Dude Grows Show on Patreon Support Us When Shopping On Amazon DUDE GROWS MERCH:...


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