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No Smell Are Temps Too High

First time long time listener I’ve got Duke diamonds brand new dominion skunk in 5 gallon smart pots using Advanced In a sunshine mix sealed room with CO2 I just produced some phenomenal looking bud but with very little smell or taste i’m thinking part of my problem is I let the temperature get too high in flower and am possibly burning off the Terps and smells how high A temperature would you recommend any other suggestions to get the smelliest thank possible thanks for all your help love the show keep on growing

Pissed Neighboors

Hi guys, last weekend my neighbor (A couple doors down ) had a smoke generator that they used and when the winds blew towards me it looked like a campfire and smoke but later found if you inhaled it, it targeted sinus and mucous membranes of pot smokers. This crap...

Need Help

Guys I just noticed in the last few days something is eating my leaves. Wondering if any og's have had this issue? How might I go about resolving this? I tried soapy water to no...

Strain Help!

How's it goin, can anyone help? I'm trying to decide which strain to grow with mostly sativa traits and I'm not finding much info on the 2 strains I have to choose from. I have ch9 herijuana jack and super haze. If anyone has experience with these please let me...


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