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Dude Grows Show 920 Grow Talk

What's Growing On DGC? The Dude & Scotty Real are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis Culture and Growing. THIS EPISODE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY:

Adding Recharge to my irrigation system

Thank you so much Dude, Scotty, Guru, and the rest of the DGC for all your help with my garden this year. Love you guys. I'm substantially expanding my garden next year. Irrigation system is a must, and so is recharge. So what is the best way to get both of these in...

Cal-mag defiency? Follow up from Ep. 920

Hey guys. Thanks for answering my question watering/feeding in Radicle Bags on episode 920. Its been a few days since posting that and since i have gotten my Recharge in and mixed a 1/2 tsp with a gallon of RO water and gave it to my ladies. I haven't really been able...

Help Sick Seedling

One of my baby's seed leaves fell off with the seed helmet. This was 3 weeks ago.  The stem is still solid but i don't see any regeneration or new growth. Can I save her? Would Aloe stimulate her? If so topical or via watering?  

My plants never stank! please help

I don't live in the best state and have purchased seeds from the UK from two well known places and have never had a plant that while growing ever really smelled dank or even just marijuana. No real smell at all. 2+ yrs, no terps. My plants are healthy nowadays since I...

I have a super hazy blue dream

I have a blue dream that came from a bag seed from Colorado trip. Now that it's legal in Oklahoma I grew this out and got a very hazy? looking plant. Anyway I have one in flower under 200 watts of cree cobs and it's been in for about 9 weeks. How much longer does it...

Anyone else in the DGC into TC?

I take a break from growing during the summer months. Instead of being bummed next summer I went ahead and bought a TC kit. It eliminates the need for keeping mothers around. The lowers that I'd normally cut and throw away now have value. Being able to store a bunch...

Pushing air through a 4×4

So, I am soon starting my first indoor tent grow as soon as i get the last bit of my supplies. I am looking for a litte bit of guidance on my interior fan setup. I’ve been back and forth between a few different options. My main priority is getting my plants the...


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