Living Soil question

Hey DGC, I'm a med patient in a state that should allow home grow anytime now (or at least I think so). I've been listening to the show for years but have some questions. I've had ideas in my head for my first grow for years. I plan on a 4x4 tent grow with Irie...

DGC DankWorks

Dude, Guru, Scotty - How's the Dank?! I have a show idea, seems to be an evolving topic - I would love to see The DGC compile a list of THC stimulation techniques and practices a grower can perform (You bet Guru, some will be strain dependent) to increase THC and Terp...

Hemp mosaic virus

Hey DGC! 1 of my plants is all discolored and twisty I'm thinking hemp mosaic virus any input would be greatly appreciated. I took it out of the tent and quarantined it in it's own little spot in the top of my closet. Should I just cull it or grow it out quarantined...

Alien Sour Apple

Hey guys. Has anybody else seen hermi's pop from the Alien Sour Apple? I had male flowers on almost every node. It looks like a good plant from the other grows I've seen and mine was a strong plant. I want to pop another one, but not if this is a common thing. Any...

4 Canadian Plants

Hey Guys, Canadian DGC and proud. I thought I would say thank you guys for everything, I built my own grow room, 7x8 after 1000 shows of knowledge, AC, dehumidifier, heater, 6‚ÄĚcarbon filter & fan. Running a Spectrum King Sk400 Plus and an HLG550 R Spec, I will...


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