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BlackBerry x Super Skunk hybrid

First time this mix has been grown. It's looking good so far. BlackBerry and Super Skunk from Nirvana seeds bought and bred the two in 2015.

Subcool could use some positive vibes

Hey guys. Love your show. Subcool got some reports back on his medical condition (Alpha 1). You guys might want to give him a shout out or acknowledgement. He said his lung capacity is down to 27%. Thank you! I’ve been a member for almost a month now and really enjoy...

Quantum board wattage for 3ft x 3ft tent

Hi, Greetings from deeply prohibitive Indonesia. Growing a local landrace sativa from the Aceh region. very fine smoke, seems like a strain that is still mostly unknown with most seed banks/growers. Anyways, I've had great success in last few grows using some cheap...

Simplifying growing with living organic soil

Greetings DGC! I am looking to make the jump from my coco auto-hempys to a living soil version. However, I am NOT into over-complicating things and want to come up with the steps that are vital and ditch the ones that are optional. I have created this bed before and...

Grow A/B Bloom A/B.. Do you need both? Really?

Whats up DGC. I have been on and off about buying and using 2 different products one for grow phase and one for bloom. I use advanced nutrients sensi grow and sensi bloom A and B. I am running low on bloom and have a good bit of grow left. I am only growing...

About to rock the 4×2!

Cant wait to start my first super soil grow. 4x2x7 tent, 400w mh/hps, 35 gallon fabric bed, cloudline T6 fan plus carbon filter. Just waiting on feminized seeds!

ATF at day 53

What’s up DGC. this is my run of ATF soon to be harvested. They are under a SK402 and a couple of burple 250’s grown in hempy buckets using dynagro nutes. Had a whitefly issue in veg but thanks to the advice of the crew they are no longer among the living. Had to get...

Dude Grows Show 946 Grow Talk

What's Growing On DGC? The Dude & Scotty Real are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis Culture and Growing. THIS EPISODE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY:

Concealing that stank!

Dude, Scotty, Guru & DGC, I've been a dedicated listener to the show now for nearly a year and I want start this post off right by sincerely thanking you and the crew who make the show possible. Aside from the obvious breathe of invaluable information the show has...


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