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ExtractCraft Source Turbo

Hey guys, the interviews have been great. Thanks for picking up on the grow talk, there’s never too much valuable info. My question today is.... can you tell me what necessary supplies I need to collect before trying my 1st run with the Source Turbo? Can you share any...

Sour Tsunami Seeds

Halfway through this crop of Holy Grail Kush and looking to grow Sour Tsunami, I have a terminal condition that I grow for and on a trip to WA I was hooked up with some Sour Tsunami RSO. I am a veteran cannabis grower/toker but that was the most pain relief I have...

Monster Cropping

Hey DGC, i'm just wondering what you guys think of monster cropping? I've been having good experiences with my 4x4 tent but I recently heard on a pod that it might mess up the...


Hey guys, I appreciate the reaponse to my “pruning in flower” question. It didn’t take me long to become a member, you guys are opening me up to a whole new world. I’m about halfway through “Botany of Desire”, thank you Scotty. Great read thus far. Thanks guys for...

Dude Grows Show 755 Wake & Bake America

What's Growing On DGC? The Dude & Scotty Real are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing. THIS EPISODE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY:

LOCUTUS of dank

I am a new in fact I am new as they come. Just planted seeds they took off like missiles used water to crack them open put in paper towel on a heat mat tap root was a inch long in two days put seedlings in super plugs then into tray with humidity dome 3 days later two of them were so high they were leaning over have transferred to solo cups with a co co core medium I am hoping at this point I will be able to save them room temp was 68 to 70 degrees put them under a T5 led light when I started with the plugs what the hell happened this cant be normal


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