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Simply put, I'm setting up a grow (small) 2x4 tent. don't have much cash on hand, thought about HPS/MH but with a height of 5 feet is there room in tent for it?

Help with leaf deficiencies

Hey everyone in the DGC community. I have a Mango strain in week 5-6 of flower and recently just noticed the leaves don't look 100% healthy. Can anyone help pin point this deficiency please? I am leaning towards Manganese deficiency... Thank you kindly!

Raz Cookies Hydro

Hey guys! Just harvested 12 hydro plants run in 13 gallon current culture pots and PH monitored by blue lab ph controller. Basically every plant had 2 to 3 giant colers like the one in the picture. Looking at yielding 9 to 11 pounds (dried). We know yall aren't the...

Dude Grows Show 819 Wake & Bake America

What's Growing On DGC? The Dude & Scotty Real are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing. THIS EPISODE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY:

Orange Butter Cream

Orange butter cream from Kre8 Genetics grown under sunlight supply 315 CMH in soil #4 nectar of the gods  With Veg + Bloom, calmag +, silica and of course Recharge.  Going on week 8 of flower with all milky tricks in a sealed Room with the Temperature of 76-77゚...

I left a few in Denver

Dude said he loves to see what we brought home. Although I did leave a handful in Denver. Look out for someone you know growing that Hellfire OG. I can't wait to see it myself. Much love to Rasta Jeff for being such a good dude, so helpful, and knowledgeable. Hooked...

2nd Grow Issues

I have 4 plants 3 are big city lights and 1 is a cloned unidentified strain but it was my best strain from my first grow the most resilant and potent

Radicle Bags need advice

OK questions and whatnot on these things. First I am going to admit it, I am a clumsy person and that is why I wonder how easy is it to pull that Velcro open? I can put see myself dumping a plant out of its bag moving them around so can I do that with ease? Next, are...

Big Respect to Recharge and Ethos!

Just wanted to show off my early season plant for the year.  She's a Durban Kush S1 feminized seed planted on Feb. 5th, now about 3 weeks into flower. The Ethos seeds came highly recommended, and the plant is a thoroughbred. I picked up some Colorado Chem from them as...


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Recharge is a microbial super inoculant that contains (all organic & in dry form): Kelp Extract, Humic | Fulvic | Amino Acids, Unsulfured Black Strap Molasses & the highest beneficial microbial count of ANY other product on the market, PERIOD!

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