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Leaves drooping at end of photo

Hey dudes i am currently on my third grow ever and my second in my 8x2 closet. I have a question about drooping leaves at the end of the photo period. I am a little over a month into veg from seed and i have noticed that my plants leaves start to droop around 16 hours...


Looking to switch my light from LEC & get myself my first LED. I'm torn between the HLG 550'S & SPECTRUM KING 602GH, anyone have any input on what light is better? I understand they're both tools in the toolbox but is there any reason the SK602 is so much more...

Mephisto Ghost Toof autoflower

Showing off my ghost toof auto by mephisto genetics grown in a half gallon fabric pot under an hlg100v2 in happyfrog and promix. For nutrition I used water and microbes (recharge mammoth p and photo plus) only up to flower and fed massive for flip them biocanna flora...

First Auto

What's up dgc? So this is my first time growing autos and I have set up a new tent. Do y'all think the lighting is over killed? Up top I have two viparspectra 300 watt and hanging vertical on the sides I have 2 T5 8 bulb light fixture from Hydrofarm.  I believe...

New Chemdog

Just drying up now ready for a cure. Chemdog (HSO) taken down at 68 days under HPS600DE and a blurple under light. One of my bigger yielders for a first run. Very gassy and lemony profile. Looking forward to the cure.


What up DGC??? Last night my wife and I ran across the GoBee sale.  Buy one get one free so we bought now.  We were going to wait until the Concentration Celebration but couldn't refuse this offer.  We are in prohibition land so no access to concentrates or a press. ...


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