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First time Growers – AutoFlower White Widow

Hey Dudes! First I would like to say a huge thank you too you all for all your great content. My buddy and I are first time growers and we started this little venture together. We've been using your videos along with a lot of googling for the majority of learning how...

Carbon filter & fan

Whats up you guys, I have a question that is hard for me to find a definitive answer too. How well would it work to run an over sized carbon filter, like a 6" ac infinity inline fan with an 8" carbon filter? I was thinking maybe longer life of filter & maybe not...

Make it or Break it?

Starting my first serious indoor grow. There was one before this that we wont talk about. I'm looking for anything I may have missed. I have a 4x4 grow tent with a 600 watt hm/hps dimmable hood (super lumens 600, 400, 250 watts) its a vented hood attached to a 6 inch...

Irie genetics seeds

I’m wondering could you tell me who won the Irie Genetics seeds. I usually get an email, but must have missed the winner announcement for that drawing. It a cool to see who wins what. Keep up the great work. PS Where can I pick up some more DGC rolling papers? Have a...

Help! What’s wrong here?

I’m almost in week 4 of flower and my bigger leaves are getting this problem. I’m so nervous that it’s grey mold but it’s only the tips of the leaves so I feel a little better about that. I did have a humidity problem for a couple of days but it’s been...

Struggling Auto

Hi DGC 1st time grow here and one of my AK47 autos is looking a bit unhappy. I suspect nitrogen toxicity, she is on 16 days from germination and has dark green waxy leaves which are curling down.. any advice would be huge cheers.

New bug on the block.

A new bug just showed up on most my plants after a major rain. I got about 2" of rain last night, and when I said good morning to my plants I noticed these little critters. And I've now also gotten some ants that have invaded. I monitored for a while to see if the...


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