One product start to finish

Hey guys I'm a first time indoor grower up here in east coast Canada and my first time using Mantis pH buffered all in one seed to harvest nutrients, just wondering if you've heard of or used and what is your thoughts/experience with this project?

What are these?!!

Please let me know what these guys are. I’m thinking thrips and I’m having a hard time deciding if the other one is a white fly or something else... I’m thinking I have more than one pest somehow 🙁 I have done a massive defoliation and hit with Spinosad. I have only...

Distribution Guide for Colorado Growers

I started out like any other stoner — or should I say “marijuana enthusiast?” As soon as Colorado made adult-use weed available, I started acquiring my stash from a reputable dispensary near my home. Later, I learned that the law states that adults can grow a small...

What do you call dry?

Hey hey super studs, haven’t actually found any duds yet. Everyone is so quick and helpful here. Over-watering been a problem for a lot of people, use meter? If you do use a meter, at what part on the range do you decide to water? Thanks for all the help.

Peroxide bottles are awesome

These cheap little hydrogen peroxide (3%) are perfect to kill mold when you see it starting on your too-moist clones. After you have used all of it, these sprayers are surprisingly well made and I like to reuse so I have dedicated sprayers for STS (reversal sprays),...

Growing cannabis in a bog with koi

Hello DGC, I live in Michigan and grow under the rec law currently. My father who just turned 71 was wondering if he could grow cannabis in the bog area in his koi pond. If you look at the pictures, the bog is where you see the Tuba and limestone separate the koi pond...

Blueberry at Day 33

Here's a couple of shots (flash and no flash) of some Blueberry that is at day 33. I typically take this pheno 60-63 days. I usually lean towards all of the Chemdog strains, but the flavor on this Blueberry pheno keeps her around. I've been a listener for quite a...


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