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CoCo Coir Nutrients

Hi DGC so currently I have an Organic grow going on. But recently I got a hell of a deal I bought someone's grow room they were moving and had to get rid of everything I got 2 hydrofarm hps setups 1 600watt and 1 1000 watta hydrofarm exhaust, 2ft 4bulb t5 fixture and...

Recharge alternatives in Canada

I’m reposting to reach out to the rest of the DGC. Thanks Soup for the response.  I will definitely mix in as well as top dress worm castings. I am about to transplant my clones into their final 7 gal pots but I’ve never inoculated the roots with any Endo Mycorrhizae...

First time grow

This is my first grow. I have a 4x4 tent. I want to grow 4 autos and 1 photo in the middle. My plan is when I harvest the autos I’ll flip the photo  to 12/12. Question is how would u train the photo and prune it to get the best results? Thanks from Newfoundland

Dude Grows Show 919 Wake & Bake America

What's Growing On DGC? The Dude & Scotty Real are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing. THIS EPISODE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY:

Harvest 2019 in the books

Thank you DGC for all your help this year. Love you guys! Bruce Banner is my favorite of the strains I grew. You can smell terps as if your smelling live rosin mixed with the scent of grandma's kitchen when banana bread is in the oven. I also grew cannacolada, and...

Curing and Long Term Storage

I just saw this video right before I watched your show Grow Talk 918. Looks like a awesome idea for curing and long term storage. What do you think?


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