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Skunk#1(BCBD) and Blue Dream (bag seed)

Skunk#1's are the way shorter plants with the rugged looking leaves, Blue dreams are the taller one (tho i got these seeds with blue dream and wedding cake buds in the same bag, but do believe its blue dream). Day 27 of flower on a partially automated room, utilizing...

DGC Patreon

Hey my DGC Fam. So sorry to hear about the Pay-Pal issue. I signed up at the end of October as a 3 month subscriber and cant wait to receive my new member package. While listening in my car the other day to the show and suddenly I heard Scotty's voice say my name I...

Custom Raised Beds

This is a graphic illustration of the french double dig technique in response to Matthew's Garden question concerning custom raised beds.


Running co2. I don’t have the space to run co2 tanks, are these co2 bags worth anything? How much do the actually put out and how many would I need to cover a 4x4 flower tent and a 4x2 veg tent. What are some viable co2 options?

Dry Nutes

I'm looking to try to make my only nutes from dry nutes can anyone help me with this please and thank you for your help and time 😊

Mother Scroger

Greetings gang, I'm planning on scrogging my moms next week. I figure that it will allow me to get more cuts from the top of plant for a stronger clone. Any thoughts?

Grow Room Requirements

What's up DGC, Got a few questions on setting up a new grow space. I've been helping a close family friend set up a grow area, consisting of a veg room that is 13x18ft, and 2 separate flower rooms, both at 12x15 ft, and a propagation room at 10x8.5. I find these to be...

Home made Co2 generators

Dude, Scottie and Guru Hello, I am running some Triple Chocolate Chip (bag seed) a friend found in some Willies Reserve. I'm using GH Flora Nova 2 part and recharge in happy frog soil and just flipped 2 days ago Under a 1000w hps in about a 5'×5' room my Temps are...

Grow Room Additions

I have a small 800 sq ft. house on my property that we have rented out in the past. Instead of dealing with the headaches of renting I am turning it in to a "grow house". I have 2 rooms gutted and I'm in the process redoing everything. There is a finished kitchen...


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