RF interference

Hey brotha, I just had a question about RF interference. This is my first grow since 2013 and first indoor since 2011, I'm excited to be doing what I love again.  I hung 10 lights up and didn’t even think about RF interference. Well shit ...I didn’t even have cable...

Seedling indoor/outdoor transition stay in Veg

Cotton Mouth here, G'day Scotty, Dude & Guru from Melbourne Australia, Currently in Lockdown here so we cannot leave the house, well only for food or medical stuff and 1 hour exercise a day. It's a bloody drainer but hopefully for the greater good... Scotty, love...

Radicle Bags U.K. help

Hey DGC Crew, Love watching the show when I’m in my grow chilling with the girls smoking one of their relatives 🙂 Need some help please, it’s new grow bag time. I always change them after 2 or 3 rounds. I’d like to try some Radicle Bags, 7 gallon ones after hearing...

Free Best Coast Genetics update

Best Coast Genetics. Banana Soft Serve (Banana Soft Serve Gelato x Sour Banana Sherbet) The Dude said these was dank genetics. I placed all 5 seeds into 1 gallon fabric pots and Biobizz light mix soil pre watered with Recharge. All 5 seed popped up above the soil. I...

Fabric Shopping bags

Hey all. With the covid madness I had issues at first finding fabric pots in the 7 gal size. I realized that the larger fabric Shopping bags (Dollarama in this case) were 7 gl and the small bags 3 gl. They work. But I still prefer nice round fabric pots. Except when...

R spec or Diablo???

What’s good dgc? Love the show and the site, I’m a grower from the uk (which sucks coz we are so behind in terms of legality here). I’ve got a little 2x2 tent and a cheaper led light. I want to upgrade to a HLG 150 w quantum board that gives you an option for...

Dusting off the old HPS

What up DGC!? I'm an out of work New Orleans chef, so I decided to grab my old grow quipment out of storage. While I wait for quarantine to end, I turned my closet into a 2x2x6 grow room. I have a 400w hps for flower and a (don't laugh) diy led light i made with led...


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