Leaf Discoloring

Hey DGC! I have some foliage discoloring on my plants and hoping you can help. Super soil mix used for the TLO grown ladies in my 5x5 grow. 9 plants under the Spectrum king sk602 led light paired with gorilla grow 5x5 tent. Week 3 in flower, light is 30 inches from...

New Grower needs help

Hi I have just recently began growing legal medical marijuana plants I've uploaded a few pictures from my 4 x4 tent with 600w led vipraspectra, humidifier, CO2 bag ,and inline fan. One of my plants looks pretty good but has browning around the edges of the leaves. The...


Cherry Malawi bean has 3 branches at each internode.  1st time I've seen this in 3 years of growing.  I would think it has to be pretty rare.  Took 1st top as a clone today.  Lets hope she's a girl.

Lighting choice

Hey Crew, I am having trouble choosing my next light. I’m moving from a tent to a room with 2 2x4’ areas I have a HLG 320 XL r’s perfect for filling out the area, just need another light for the 2nd 2x4 area and not sure if I want the same light...I like...

T. M. V.

What’s growing on? Quick question about tobacco mosaic virus. I grow my own tobacco because one reason FUCK big tobacco companies. I use it and share it for ceremony in Indian culture Oops! gotta be PC ! Native American culture. My question is Do I need to keep these...

Maturing Early?

What up boys y'all be KILLIN it! Shout out "Dude" we out here in B.C. Canada with you spreading the gospel of DGC (hoping to get some recharge up here soon).  So I have 3 grows under my belt, all went exceptionally well, but all three were done in a 8x8 grow tent with...

Light stress, Nitrogen deficiency or paranoia?

What's up  DGC? More grow questions for y'all. So, my herijuana jack has sprouted and is about to get her first real leaves. I noticed some lighter color in her first leaves and I wanted to make sure there weren't any issues. I have a phlizion 1500w led, growing in...

4×4 tent setup and questions

Whats up DGC. I have a question for the community out there regarding a new purchase of a 4x4 tent from Vivosun. I am currently in a 2x5 closet with 4 plants in 3 gal radicle bags but with the weather lately its been so damn frustrating trying to control the temp in...


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