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First off let me say “THANX!!!” ….. You guys taught me ALOT!!… I try to catch your live chats on YouTube every day. You guys and the people in the chat have always been helpful!!!… The cannabis community in general have helped me with my first grow a lot !!!…. I’m in my 3rd week of flower with bag seed… ( I wanted to get my feet wet with growing before I ruined some beans that I bought.)… you and the cannabis community helped me dodge most of the land mines that new growers always seem to step on and for that I’m very grateful. (I’m not very good with computers but I’ll try and post some pics here)….

I wanted to buy some of your recharge and maybe grow dots to try it out on my next grow but i don’t know how I should buy. I think I’m only gonna grow 2-3 plants at a time. (I got 4 in my tent now and it’s kinda crowded) Do you have a recommendation on how much I should buy for my next grow?… Thanx!

Oh yeah ya oughta give a shout out to jo mama, Bigwrd 420 and Flihi.89 they helped nudge me toward joining your patreon…. I was thinking about pulling the trigger anyway but they helped finalize the deal… Thanx for all your help!!!… I luv watching you guys!!!. Y’all are entertaining and informative!!   Keep it up!! 🤘✌️