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HEY CREW SUP… introducing myself.. my name is Scott I live in British Columbia up in the interior… been watching the show and became DGC member..HELLZ YA I Did… Very new to growing marijuana.. but know a little bit about how to keep a plant healthy.. Having said that I decided to grow my legal recreational 4 plants here in Canada.. I picked up 4 clones of death Bubba.. They were in small pots in soil I let them grow for a few days to a week and then I transferred them in the bigger pots 2 into 5 gallon and 2 into  10 gallon I believe… So after doing research on The Strain I realized it wasn’t a good pick for a novice so I feel like the odds are stacked against me right out of the gate … I’m just gonna post some pictures here and leave it up for interpretation because I really don’t know how to describe what’s going  fully yet.. but right now I’m a  15 days into flower.. From what I seen I might be a little behind but it could be because I didn’t hit him too hard with nutrients because I really didn’t wanna burn them up.. using 80% of what a recommended feed would be on any particular schedule.. Using bottled nutrients not your guys  favorite..but it’s what I got myself into right now. But I know you guys get a lot of questions and I have a ton to ask…. So I’ll just post a few pictures of what I’ve documented so far and leave it open for interpretation once again thanks for having this community open. glad to be a part of it look forward to learning more about growing beautiful cannabis….