Hello good day freakazoids, I went to MI to what they say is a common function. A care givers industry type festival.  I am from Oregon. We have already had our asses handed to us in medical. I was amazed to see how loose it was with rules on selling. Every booth was a buffet of good looking weed, plants, edibles and concentrated stuff.  After talking to some of the participants, I was disappointed that the heavy pockets of  rec. business way playing the same tune there. I wish I could have been more encouraging. It is sad that the big pockets really don’t even come up with new lines. fight as hard as you can but take care of yourself with prudent planning is all I could really think about. Now I know why Michigan has so much going on now. They haven’t been turned into criminals again.  My guess is that it will get quiet again and more bandana interviews.  I hope you guys can be the first state to get this right. You got a lot of great growers and nice people.  My favorite was a couple camped next to Blue Kiss and I.  Shout out to Matt and Robin.  I am glad I did not partake in the mushrooms so I could actually hang. I wore my Properyof the DGC tank top and never wavered once on my loyalty.   Now….Rasta Jeff…. Your just lucky that is a very different style show. I do hear myself saying….. “RJ says” so don’t stop putting on the lipstick for me  just yet. Got home and thank god I know nobody gives a fucking shit about my plants.  I planned hard to cover all of the deficit I predicted.  It paid off.  We will keep it at that and leave the dirty laundry in the hamper.