Hey DGC!  Soup here and I want to tell you all about our new supporter NEW VAPE!

Use Coupon Code “DUDE” at NewVape.com to save 10% and to help support the DGC!

I met New Vape at the 2018 High Times Cup in Santa Rosa, CA.  I brought some flower with me to the event and was hoping to meet someone with a rosin press who could squish it for me.  The New Vape booth totally stood out in the crowd.  Tables full of BEAUTIFUL stainless steel and aluminum smoking devices and several rosin presses!

I was immediately impressed with both the creativity and the build quality of New Vape’s products.  Unique products made from big beefy hunks of metal and crafted with real attention to detail! My kind of stuff!

We spent a while hanging out at the booth and I just knew these folks were a great fit for the DGC!  Super creative people with a metal shop making awesome tools for the cannabis community!

Here is just a few of the cool things they have got going on:

The Flower Pot Vape

Its a dry herb vape + enail that attaches to your bong.  You can take dry herb hits, concentrate hits, or BOTH AT THE SAME TIME!  I’ve heard it called the “Volcano Killer” and I believe it… this thing hits hard!

I tried this thing at the cup. The flower + rosin combo hits like a ton of bricks and tasted pretty good too.


^^^ See it in action ^^^

There are pre-made bundles or you can customize and build your own

Rosin Presses

New Vape has a ton of different rosin press options so you can find the right press for your situation.

Looking for a high-quality, pre-built, all in one rosin press?  They have several options and sizes to choose from.  All designed, machined, assembled and tested by New Vape in Florida.

This is one of several all in one press options currently available from New Vape. They are constantly improving their products and adding new features and designs.

Looking to get a set of rosin plates and a shop press to build your own rosin setup?  Well they have lots of great options for that too!  They have round plates powered by enail coils, they have unique bi-metal plates with aluminum for better heat distribution and stainless steel for better durability, they even have sturdy caged plate setups!

New Vape has tons of different options for building a custom rosin press, and they have a lot of experience helping their customers with DIY presses so they can help advise you if you’re not sure which setup you want.  They have tons of different options for building your own press (ranging from cheap to fancy) so you can really customize and build the press that is right for your situation.

New Vape caged rosin plate setup. 2 heaters per plate, bi-metal plates built in Florida, insulated cage, made to last forever.

The HoneySuckle

I’ve always thought glass nectar collectors were cool, but I’ve been afraid to get one because they seem kinda fragile.  The Honey Suckle is like an all metal dab straw type thing, so not even I could break it!  Aluminum handle wrapped in hemp wick and a grade 2 titanium tip that you heat up with a torch.  Bundle it with a travel case, glass container, and a mini torch and you’ve got yourself an awesome travel kit.

More Cool Stuff From New Vape

Build your own E-nail

High Quality Grinders

Cannagar Blunt mold

And much more!  The team at New Vape is always innovating and adding new products to their lineup!  They are cool stoners with an awesome metal shop so they are always working on something new!

Sneak Peek: Soup’s Rosin Press!

New Vape was kind enough to help me build a rosin press for myself.  I’m still learning to use it but so far I am thrilled with the results!  I’ll have more rosin content coming soon, but for now here is a sneak peek of what I’ve been up to…

9 grams of fluffy larfy mini nugs goes in…

2 grams of amazing tasting rosin comes out!

Thanks for reading!

Use Coupon Code “DUDE” at NewVape.com to save 10% and to help support the DGC!