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So I want to finish all my auto seed I already have in my 2×4. I have about 7 seeds I have 2 Hi-Sdard switch leds, 100ish watts total output, and 2 hlg 100v2s 4000k . I was looking to use 3 gallon pots for for 3 one under each HLG and one in the middle of the of them. For the first 3 weeks should I use the 2 veg switch then 1 hlg in the middle then just both hlg after another 2 or 3 then the last 3 week of flower have the flower switch for more red for the weight building? The rest of my least desirable strain I was looking into kinda sea of greening with .5 gallon pots on the edges mainly to have that little more for edibles. And using peat castings and perlite so they have a super healthy media and just too dress organic to be as safe as possible. What are some tips or things I should adjust to make this work as seamlessly as possible. No pics of the hlg everyone should know what they look like.