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This was grown same as the Tangie in previous post. This was in a different closet so it was under a SKCC140 (instead of cc100) however,
Soil was the same FFOF, FFLW, Pumice and castings. Nutes were Fox Farm base 3 part as well as Recharge, Tribus and Mammoth p at various stages of growth. Also got 2 worm teas in veg and 1 flowering tea at day 21 of flower.

Recharge was used to soak the seeds and jiffy pucks in as well as a few times during veg. Tribus bloom and mammoth p were used during flower.

Ended up with medium dense buds. Yield was good for plant size in my opinion. I really think the lights can do more especially once the grower improves:)

The high is great, easy to use discretely in a social setting, may not be important to some but is to me. Its just a really comfortable high with some serious munchies attached though.