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Hey DGC, I’m a first time grower; growing  auto flowers in 5 gallon fabric pots. I plan on making my way to organic but synthetic GH nutes is what I’m using this time around. I’m currently in week 3 of flowering but started to notice what seems to be a nitrogen deficiency in one of my plants. I first noticed the browning of some leaves a little after flowering and then yellowing of lower leaves about a week after that. I’ve tried adjusting the nutes a bit but the one plant doesn’t seem to be improving. However from what I’ve read they shouldn’t need a lot of nitrogen in the flowering stage so I didn’t want to up the nutrients too much. I was wondering if it could be a lockout however I water my other plants from the same combination of nutrients as same pH at 6.0 and it’s the only one of them that has the yellowing leaves. Hoping the DGC can help me out on this one. I provided a picture of the plant in suspect as well as another next to it for comparison. Thanks in advance.