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Hey guys, settled my light issue and got a hlg. I’m about to put together after this post but right not I’m have some issues. Organic soil in a cut and drilled rubber maid container… lol my great ideas… anyways it’s a basic mix mostly peat, some recycled soils, a quarter bag of jobes organic vegetable fertilizer, and some forest humus I gathered. It’s been aging about 9 months before I started using it. Everything had been going along okay until I hate heat issues and pH issues I resolved and got a decent week of growth and the plants are still responding to training and growing pretty nice but I have these claws and curls everywhere. My head immediately thinks too much N since I had watered with my fox farm nutes for the first time a few days prior to this issue but since then they’ve got nothing but water and beneficials. Should I just see how water works for me since I have food in the soil or maybe cut the strength? Thanks in advance DGC!