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What’s up DGC, I’m COMING IN HOT on this flushing debate with an opinion from Southern California . . . I really enjoyed the back-and-forth with Guru and Dude/Scotty on the show recently, and so I wanted to respectfully submit my opinion for consideration here:

I agree with Guru–I don’t think the science supports flushing.  Now this may be different research than Guru was talkin’ bout, but High Times recently published that study by nute co finding that nonflushed plants = PREFERRED in blind taste test.  Here is the specific article:


Also, I’d cite Ed R’s grow manual (not sure why Ed and his book don’t get more love from DGC, but whatevs), where he voices serious skepticism about the concept of “flushing” as well, and articulates 7 reasons to doubt the efficacy of flushing (here is the link to the 7 reasons:  https://www.edrosenthal.com/the-guru-of-ganja-blog/flushing-cannabis-guide-everything-you-want-to-know ).

Lastly, I’d respectfully submit my own limited personal experience in growing the dank (pics of my latest attached — Auto Lemon Skunk by Seedsman; I def recommend) also supports the idea that, as the plant approaches full maturity, depriving it of nutrients only serves to limit ultimate bud fatness.

So look, I get it, flushing has been the consensus for a very long time and so there may be angles to justify continuing the practice (Dude mentioned on the show saving $$ on that last week of nutrients…that seems like a big stretch for negligible savings….).

But I would not recommend anyone flush their plants anymore unless they’ve got an excess nutrient problem.  Why deprive your plants of nutrients in the final weeks of reaching their maturity?  Doesn’t it stand to reason that growth slows as a result?

Just my 2 cents.  This isn’t a popular opinion, but I respectfully submit to DGC that it is one worth considering.

You all rock, keep on spreading the good word, growers love to you all.