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Hello Dude, Scotty and the DudeGrows Crew.

Working on my second grow, first time indoor and a first with growing autos.

I had a decent harvest with my first outdoor grow but the buds were very light and airy. I read that if temp is kept below 80 degrees and humidity around 50-60 that I should be able to produce dense buds. My problem is that my lights which have built in fans are producing heat at around 90 with both bloom and vegetative switches on. I have a clip on fan blowing right underneath the lights and a smaller fan running above the lights and a large fan at the bottom of the tent with all three flaps of the tent open. Part of the day I have my 1200 watt Phlizon light just running bloom to take the heat down. What is your advice on the temperature do you think that the 90 degrees will cause my buds to stretch because of the heat and cause airy buds?? Also what do you think of Humboldt’s County own G-10 to help in producing dense buds?

Thank you for any help with this problem!