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Hey DGC… thanks for coming back from your vacation so fast, i’ve missed my almost daily dose of DGC… ( and by DGC I mean all the DGC, thanks for all your help). I have a question concerning lack of oxygen in my compost tea. My ‘rigged’ aerator has finally seen its last repair. So i’m in need of a new one but it will probably be a couple weeks before i can get one. my 8 ladies (3 photos 5 autos) rely on weekly tea as i’m trying organic for thew first time after 25 years of using miracle grow. How much does aerating the tea help and can i get away with it for a few weeks using just my recipe without aeration and since my 5 autos have about 4 weeks left, do i even keep using the compost tea on them or just plain rain water? (recipe approx of course #nomeasuringnecessary…. blood meal/bone meal 7-5-0,kelp meal 1-0-3. few cups of worm castings[store bought], few cups of sheep manure[store bought] unsulphered molasses couple tblespoonsish, tablspn epson salt, vinegar that has had eggshell powder dissolved into it. and about 20 litres of rain water. this all has a ph 6.7 (tested using pool ph strips rarely). i mean cmon water is H2O that doesn’t change. Yes i know about heavy water but i’m talking in my practice.  🙂 thanks for all you do boys…who’s the chemist who can explain to me why aerating your compost tea is helpful when the compostion of the H2O doesn’t change molecularity? is it just the process of the bubbles that expand the microbes ?? i have tried the ‘googles’ and it hasn’t helped.