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Hello from the red dirt again (Oklahoma), Joheim here with a broke-ass grow hack. I figure once the “fancy” things trickle down to my financially strapped situation, about everyone has one. Time slipped past me while playing in the tents, when I got around to checking my seeds it was after midnight (not unusual for me). Sure enough I had radicals popping out, far enough to warrant getting the seeds into starter plugs. So I get into my lockers to find I have no pucks. No one’s open at midnight here. I know I could have used a paper towel for a day till I could get to the store, but that’s wasteful. While looking around for starter cells, I see the Keurig… and its cups! Peel the top off, toss the grounds into the composter, pull the filter out as best you can, maybe cut one more hole for drainage and TADA single cell starter pot! I realize it’s not saving a lot of money but, no more buying pucks and keeping a little out of the landfill. Looking forward to meeting some of the D.G.C. family at the Cowboy Cup. Till then Grow On my sisters and brothers.

Joheim, out!


k-cup starter