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Hey DGC how’s it blowin. So my problem is no smell. I’m growing a 3’x3’ scrogged trainwreck  in a 5 gal fabric pot with a 70/30 coco perlite mix in  a 8’x8’ room with a oscillating fan no filter.   (say) Mondays I feed with gh 3 part. Tuesday I switch to kelp and fish and Wednesday I  water just recharge and repeat this through the week. *I know it’s not exact just showing how I feed* and of course cal mag every watering. pH is at a 5.6-5.8 every time so I know she’s eating but she doesn’t stink. My temps and rh with lights on are 74-76 and about 55-60 rh. Lights off I’d say temps are at 72-75 and rh drops to about 45-55 sometimes if I don’t vacuum the drip pan right away I’ll come back in the room n it’ll have sort of a wetting smell n a little bit of a higher rh around 60 sometimes I caught it right at 61-62 but it’s weird but it’s not a good stench if that makes sense. Is my temps n humidity off for it not to give off a stink or am I doing something else that I’m not seeing? She’s  under two Mars hydro ts1000’s I know not that much light I’m trying to get more light just struggling with funds, but I don’t know what else I can check off the list. Oh I’m also adding koolbloom 0-10-10 to the 3part when I mix. Due to she showing signs of k deficiency about a week ago. Any info would be greatly helpful thank you.
CEO of SkunkWork Genetics and proud DGC member aka Atomickumquat keep that dank coming!!