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Looking for little guidance DGC, about to harvest four dank plants and a little nervous about the chop and the smell getting outside as it was leaching out last week (new filter). Just gotta new 4″ G-Hydro carbon filter rated 255 cfm and a 4″infinity fan rated at 205 cfm. I currently set the speed controller at 75%, should I slow it down or speed it up? Also have an active intake… Should I shut that down as well? insight on best efficiency for the filter/fan is greatly appreciated, Gotta keep the dank inside the tent. Pray for me, this is my medicine and I have to chop this week and my neighbor, square Jimmy with 4 acres just happens to be working right up against my fence of all places on these sunny glorious days… Uggghh 83° outside in January! For once please go inside people!