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Recently i had an problem with no visible solution. i have a 2×4 grow that doubles as my dry room. it has my only carbon filter also. i didn’t know what to do since the plants were so far apart in harvest dates. well using common drying techniques ,and ingenuity. i saved the day. i checked the ceiling of the closet for any unused space. then i found a box to fit that space. i then threaded the box with wire as hangars, and hung my bud in the box. this is all pretty common. but the uncommon part is i hung the box to the ceiling of my grow. i cut a hole in the back for air. and made a flap in the front as a quick viewing window, that could be shut. thisĀ  allowed me to not have to move the box until it was dry. i was able to use open ceiling space to dry in without effecting my other flowering plants. it isn’t perfect. but saved me from over ripening my plant. for anyone with only one grow/dry area, this can come in handy. sometimes we forget ceiling space, is still usable space in an emergency.