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Sup dude and Scotty. DOT Mike here.
Here’s another awesome vid about the no til topic you discussed on Wednesdays show.

This is by a guy named Paul aka brownguy420. He’s a rec farmer down here in southern Oregon. I’m SUPER interested In this topic. I grow a 48 plant medical grow and I’m trying to transition to something like this where I can reuse and build up my soil and something that is more natural and sustainable. I’d really like to have you guys continue to discuss and learn about this way of growing.

Here’s my main question. I use 200 gallon fabric pots and each one contains a yard of soil. How would I go about storing it during the winter and what steps need to be taken before I plant in them next spring? I should also mention I had an aphid problem this last grow so what additional steps can I take when reusing this soil to ensure I don’t start out with issues again? Spread out and “cook” it to kill any eggs or what not? Also add fresh compost or other amendments? Id like to go pure organic and only be watering straight water or teas. No bottles…

Maybe you could put a call or email out to BG420 and have him on the show? He’s a very active you tube grower and seems like a pretty legit dude and grower. Hit me up if you need any of his contact info.

Thx fellas. Keep up the great content. Merry Christmas!🎁