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Hey DGC! Much love!

I will soon be harvesting some GSC and Amnesia Haze out of 2, 25 gallon Radicle Bags. This is my first round with Radicle Bags and it’s thanks to you!

I’m growing organic no-till currently in a 4×4 tent with HLG 550. The soil is mostly a coot mix with extras added along with worms.  I use RC and Mammoth P. This will be the first time I’m reusing the same container without remixing the soil and I have a question about roots.

For true no-till outdoors, farmers leave roots in the ground and plant next to them. This keeps carbon in the soil and feeds the fungal network. Is this possible in 25 gallon bags though? Do I just need to remove the main stock and then plant my clones next to that? Or do I have to remove all/most of the root material to reuse the bag? I know this may sound like a dumb question but I’d prefer to disturb the soil as little as possible. I have 2, 1 gallon girls ready to go for the next round that I’m not sure will fit in the bags with the old roots.

Any advice would be appreciated!