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Hello DGC

Working on a dilemma with the 3rd no til run . Build a Soil light is the soil. This one is in veg about to move to flower room and noticed these deficiencies. This young lady is from ExoticGenetics from SeedshereNow. Cross of Dosi Do x Mint Chocolate Chip. Light is HLG 300Rspec. RH is 50-60.  15 gal fabric pots. Temps in 70-80 range. I pH filtered water to 6.2 to 6.5. Recharge weekly. Top dress with BAS craft blend and Grokashi. Compost Tea is used as well.

In a recent post  about no till I believe SOUP pointed out the the small  containers didn’t have enough of a battery charge for the plant. One of my main goals for the no till is not having to find a spot to dump my ( formally) salty ex soil. Is what I am seeing a result of not enough ” charge ” ?  If not what am I seeing? My lizard grain  feed with foliar if it is a deficiency  But is that just short term fix? How do we keep the no till ” charged ” for repeated uses if that is the issue.

Thank you DGC