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Ok travel plans changed and instead of getting a month to burp post cut, I will have about 15 days from cut till travel so then it’s either into jar with maybe Boveda packs, but am I pretty much coming home to mold, or what is a better option? I think Moby Dill said way back they hung for 10~15 days at 60 degrees and 60% RH then ready for market. Could that be stored 5 days unopened in jars without any Bovedas and no degradation, would it still need the bovedas, have I always been wasting that time waiting, or what else do you think I can do with it?  It might be hard to hit 60 degrees but I can get 62 so close and the humidity I do during grow so no issues other than time to burp. Thanks ladies and gentlemen and growers love.