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I haven’t bought pH down in years since I started using Citric Acid. It’s the safest and by far the cheapest choice for pH down. Citric Acid is used in just about all citrus flavored food and drink and is the sour crystals on your sour gummy’s.

You can get a pound for less than $10 and will last a home grower forever. My tap water comes in around 7.8-8.2 pH and a pinch maybe 1/4 g will bring 5 gallons down to 6.5 ph.

I rarely use it as a pH down anymore since I started using FloraFlex nutrients but I still put in on/in my edibles. 1 pound would probably last as long as 10 gallons of bottled pH down and it taste greeeeat!

I never use it anymore since switching to FloraFlex but for a pH up I used Sodium Carbonate (Clorox Spa pH Up) same thing here, a pinch, but Do Not Eat this one. The bottle says 1 tsp will bring up 200 gallons of water at a pH of 6.8 to a pH of 7.2-7.8 so for a grower running 6.0-6.7 pH it lasts forever as well. Happy Growing 🙂

Recharge the Fourth Macronutrient

We use the term Dank for good weed like the Europeans used the term Skunk for good weed , does that mean in 40 years everyone will be searching for the true OG Dank or Roadkill Dank strains?

Popping new seeds is almost as exciting as opening your new girls bra for the first time and seeing what pops out.

You aren’t “OG” unless your first joint was in ZigZag Wheaties

Nickel bags, dime bags, halves, lids and dollar joints, those were the daze

I learned Geography from High Times magazine in the 1970’s.

Cannabis taught me the metric system before it was taught in school

Everything that I know about botany and horticulture I learned from cannabis, the rest I learned from the DGC.