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What’s up DGC

I have a problem maybe one of the DGC that is in Colorado could help out with. I’m currently renting and am in the process of buying a house. I have 4 Alien tarantula and 1 arise seedlings as well as a few rooted clones of hybrids I’ve been working on of chemod dragon x grape inferno. I have to get these out of my house so the landlord can come by and show it too others. I really don’t want to throw these quality seedlings and my little project away and want to know if anybody would be interested in taking the plants for their garden. I would really love for someone to be able to use them. I’m located near Fort Collins, Co. I’m not really looking to have this question answered on air but don’t know how else to ask a question to get on the DGC website.

Happy Dabbing!