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Sup DGC. Took a long break from the intergalactic cactus. Lent my microscope out which I’m guessing I’ll never see again at this point. Sooo I figured it was a perfect time to call on the dudes to get an opinion before I go herbert camacho. I do ipm with brawndo, all-per-plus(oils), garlic sprays, tomato leaf sprays, optic og (if you count that, I know it don’t got what the plants crave, electrolytes) and I have neem which I try to not use. I want extra big ass tacos with extra molecules so I preemptively dropped the temps a little, aggressive sprays at light out and ordered camacho mites. Am I the culprit for brawndoing too hard or shall I wage the war. Tell joe bauer (guru) thanks in advance.