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Hey DGC! Thanks for all the great info! I’ve been learning a ton the past several months! I am a long time medical patient but new to growing, as AZ recently legalized cultivation. Whoo hoo! I started probably about the cheapest you can… Mars hydro ts 1000 in a closet with a fan with seeds from an old bag. I know I know. But hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. It was chronic seed not shwag I just forgot to record the strain. This is technically my 2nd try at ’em. The first go I was using a cheap ph meter and despite calibrating multiple times I discovered too late that I was giving them overly acidic water. They turned out decent in the end but small. I figured I would give cloning a shot to try that out for the experience and give them another shot at life. 100% success rooting. Tap water in soil covered with sandwich bags. No more pH adjusting. Straight tap and it worked fine. Stuck with organic black and gold soil amended with Jobes 444 organic granules. And Fox farm beastie bloom 0 50 30 in flower. Wk 4 of flower just ended and shits turning yellow AF. I see recently someone else had a similar issue. This is coming top down. Outside of leaf to insde. Buds are pretty small, granted the original plants flowers were small also so maybe that’s poor genetics. They do get some epsom salts regularly. This seemed to happen after giving pk boost. Thinking sticking with organic top dressings would have maybe been a wiser choice now? Everything was relatively good until now other than smaller buds. Any advice would be great.

I’m stoked to join the DGC community and support what you are doing here! Thanks guys!