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What’s up Dude, Scotty, Guru and the DGC!
I wanted to share some progress pics of the Northern Lights/Big bud by Expert Seeds. Started her off on 1g Radicle bag in pro mix coco and perlite and transplanted into 3g Radicle after 30 days. Thought she would have been stressed from the transplant but after feeding Recharge and Advanced nutrients like she came back strong and vigorous. I used LST by slightly bending over some branches to open her up and expose her underside. Today shes at day 90 from seed and probably going to 100+ days till the chop. I wanted to post to thank you guys and the community for helping along the way. I’ve been helping out fellow growers on Instagram and it feels good to give back! Keep up the work guys and hope everyone stays safe during this time. Remember grow your own!!!
Much love brothas!
Rasta K