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So the crop that got shut down and had to move outside at the beginning of April is harvested and curing. That poor crop beat the odds. Somehow it survived multiple pests, severe IPM and a complete environmental change at week 4 of flower. It spent the following weeks in low 40 degree temps at night.  That cold slowed uptake so they had severe deficiencies and the bud stacking was also diminished.

Since I lost my old grow spot I don’t have the best drying conditions these days. I cleared my veg tent and hung them in there to dry after a three part bud wash that worked great. They finished in a week as I couldn’t cool my whole apt to 60 and the window is too small for my ac unit.

Anyway, about a week and a half before harvest I took some pics of the four varieties I kept. They only have small to medium sized buds so I am not submitting them, but the colors make them worth sharing. I just wish I had known they were going to go outside instead of in a tent. They wouldn’t have been trained and topped to finish at under 4’. At least I know if I heat a green house I can start a crop inside and let it finish outside in April.

1. Forbidden Fruit

2. Pineapple upside down cake

3. Green crack