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So I got this plant right and I’m pretty sure I have a lockout going on. I’ve noticed that this girl has never really been happy. Always droopy and pretty light on the color. I’m growing I a 3-4 gal pot with a compost mix I got from a big box store along with a potting soil that had some earthworm castings. I first ordered the biobizz try it pack while it was in veg and it seemed to work ok. I then ordered all of my stuff needed for the buildasoil feeding schedule minus a couple of things. Starting my first grow. So I figured since I had plenty of amendments I would just start using the feeding schedule buildasoil has. I know buildasoil is awesome so I’m guessing my soil (the compost and potting soil mix) is trash and has officially gone to high or low in pH or something. I don’t have the money for a fancy $200 tester for this one plant when I wont be using the same soil again.  So I’m at the point of do I just give up on this thing and let it go until it dies? Should I try to flush it? It’s in a trellis so that would suck because I’m a newbie and didn’t put it on a pot elevator. I’m about 3-4 weeks into flower and shes just progressively getting worse. I’m pretty sure I’m watering good, I do the finger check everyday. If anyone has any suggestions it would help me out!

Thanks DGC!