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This is my first time growing and I have a clone that I have been growing for a little bit and I have built a bamboo Scrogg to go over the plant and my question is will the light I have produce good dense buds or will I need a better light? This is what I could afford for now since I’m a single family income and just got let go over a mask mandate so unfortunately a new light or more powerful light will have to wait! I bought the vivosun tent and fan light combo it’s the 1000w well that’s what it says I have it on 100% so when I go to flower I can’t increase it so should I just finish the grow with this light or should I keep it in veg and try to get a more powerful light? I’m new to all this but I will post some pics to see how the plant is doing it looks good to me I’m in living organic soil have build a soil cover crop doing water only and molasses mixed in every other watering also for some sugars any help would be appreciated thank you DGC I appreciate being apart of this community keep on growing guys and thank you!]