Hey guys this is Kaleb DGC had fun seeing y’all at the cowboy cup, I grow for my wife Evelyne since I’m a trucker and can’t participate I just have fun growing it. But back to title if ya ever watched Rodney Carrington you’ll get a heckle at the title. Now on to more pressing matters I have gained access to an accidental success of a 1:1 dudundun. The story goes there’s a dispensary here in central Oklahoma that bed out some plants they were led to believe to be high in thc, but wouldn’t ya know it when they crossed with their house blend high thc plants it turned into a 1:1 they got screwed. So on the plus side they went on IG and offered all the clones they took for free for anyone whom wanted to come get em. Tada I did just that and they guy HOOKED ME UP BIG hint hint hint nudge nudge. We gain2 phenos out this quantity only difference between them was pheno 7 had light pb after taste but both tested out at at 17% cbd and 11% thc. Now the question since you got the back story. After I handed out a majority of the big donation I am left with these plants and want to save them without limiting my plant count. So I have decided to build a custom box to breed one of each pheno together with reversal process utilizing colloidal silver. But here in lies the question should I use 1/2 gal can I solo cup them or should I go with 1 gal? Not to much not to little just enough to make me and whomever else wants to grow grin. The pollen output from a reversed plan is said to be small that’s where I am at a loss so what does the DGC have for advice on this? I want more than 50 at least 35. As far as crossing it will be a pheno 7 cross with a pheno 3.

Thanks for all you guys do I watch every new release and my kids like to hop in to every once in awhile but we all garden and I learned from y’all and dude I will be growing some specialty peppers in the tent soon.