Hey guys n gals of DGC land, I just wanted to start off with saying thanks to all of you there Dude, Scotty, Banner, Soup and all the of the countless others for allowing me the opportunity to really dig deep into all of this. Knowledge is something but actually being able to put that said knowledge to work and get exceptional results is just amazing thanks again! I have 2 little questions I was hoping you guys could help with. I’ve got a 2x4x5 ft ac infinity tent with 2 mars hydro ts1000 (300 combined watts) and they have been getting me by for id say 9ish months. I’m wanting to upgrade my light but I’m unsure how big or small to go for only having a 2x4x5. Any options for this issue I’m facing? And shout out to seedsherenow I just received my beans and I’m excited to see how it goes. I received the apparition strain. Is this a lucky draw? Can you guys shed some light on it please and thank you all again!