Dank Nugs

WTG Sept 2017
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9 pound hammer

This is a bad picture of 9 pound hammer by TGA (thanks for the cut Malik, or your brother if that's not cool say. Wait, your brother is cool too. Blame it on someone, maybe Guru, he is still a minor right? jk Guru, we kid because we growers' love). Strong smelling...

Orange Something or Other

This is Orange I forgot the rest, I call it Orenthal James(thanks for the cut Mike, what was the name of it?). It is in week 4ish. Nothing to write home about so far. Hoping the taste and headiness will make up for the stretch. Grown in a 27 gallon SIP with another...

The Cube from Exotic Genetix

This is The Cube from Exotic Genetix (thanks for the cut Mike Allday). It is in week, 4ish? It is in a 27 gallon SIP. Third run on this soil mix (root balls left in and transplanted next to with castings added all over like gravy). Weekly SSTs, AACTs, compost top...

“Dank” nug from Puerto Vallarta

Im throwing up a "Dank nug" from the bag I got on a recent trip to Puerto Vallarta.  The worst I could have imagined...50 bux for what seemed like 2 zips... 99% of the time it tasted horrible, but there was a bud here and there that had potential.  Somehow all the...

Puerto Vallarta Bag Seed

Here we have a 30 day old girl from a seed that followed me back from south of the border.  Reused soil with Dirt Dynasty castings, blue mountain organics, Mammoth P! Recharge! Alfalfa tea, ewc tea, kelp tea, Em1/bokashi.  I'm hoping she frosts up a bit more, she's...

Quantum Kush

This cut was gifted to me and I am thankful. Quantum Kush is ( Sweet Irish Kush x Timewreck ) I took this 77 days last 3 were in the dark. Grown in Coco amended with Bio Char, Earthworm Castings and Perlite. RECHARGE!! Mammoth P!Feed was Costa Mesa Steve program plus...

Aurora Indica

Aurora Indica  grown under 100 watt closet case from Spectrum King! Used Rx Green Solutions full line up, Recharge, Optic foliar Overgrow in Fox farms ocean forest!...

Black Diesel

This is a outdoor black diesel. Grown with new mill , recharge , mamoth p, power si silica . all I can say the pic don't do justice I have never had an outdoor look so...


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