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Blueberry Shortcake

Finished up my blueberry shortcake. Blueberry crossed with grape pie. I used nectar for the gods nutrients along with plagron green sensation and recharge or course. Mammoth P and one round of winter...

Geist Grow OG

Bred by one of Humboldt Seed Organizations head breeders , Geist Grow, comes his Geist Grow OG. It is a cross of Triple OG and Fire OG bx3.  Aquired from the Neptune seed bank and grown with New Mill Nutrients and Spectrum King...


Dank nug from unknown gifted genetics that’s 40 days into flower. Can’t wait until she...

Cannon Beach Cookies

Cannon Beach Cookies is bred by Red Eyed Genetics. She was grown in soil with New Millenium, recharge, mammoth, and compost teas. Lighting used was Spectrum Kings SK...

Joey No Socks

Joey No Socks from Andromeda Strain is a cross of (Tripoli Wicked x RedVine Kush) x Black Magic. She was grown in soil using New Millenium Nutes and Spectrum King lights, with bi-weekly compost teas dumped...


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