Dank Nugs

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New Guy Here

Just dropping my first comment along with some nugs I've harvested over the past year! Just concluded my first year as a hobbyist cultivator....

9 Pound Hammer

9 pound hammer in week 4ish. Under hlg-550. In SIPs and amended soil. Tastes/smells so much better than my shyte photography can...

Few more weeks

Few more weeks to go. Water and microbes only In some organic soil. I'll keep ya posted. Strain is Kripple Shock....

Solo Cup Challenge!!

I hate throwing away a good clone. Kept this Purple Headband around after sexing my plants. I didn't do anything special, just gave her what ever water or nutes i happen to have around, even stuck her under the faucet a few times. I definitely wasn't expecting this...

Gorilla Glue bag seed

What's up dgc crew. Big fan of the show, I listen every day while at work. I had got some gorilla glue and found 2 seeds in the bag. Popped em and turned out to be 2 females. Theyre at about 6 weeks growing under a 150w hps and a cheap Mars 300 led, budget grow but...

Cookies Kush From Barneys Farm

Grown in "Coast Of Maine" Stonington Mix soil with Recharge, Mammoth P, Liquid Karma. 315w CMH in 7gal. bucket. This plant did not start well and almost made the compost pile. Finally got her turned around and put into flowering photo period. Lots of smaller size...

The Cube

The cube from exotic genetics in week 3ish. Under cxb 3590s. In SIPs with a pretty basic amended soil. Just about to get knocked up, oddly by her own mum, who is now a...


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