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Good Morning DGC!

My daily routine is to make coffee, roll a blunt, and make my way downstairs to sit on my yoga mat on the floor in my grow room and listen to the DGC. I spend this time preparing myself for the day and inspecting/watering/feeding my plants. Yes, those are Recharge stains on my floor 🙂

I have been growing for almost a year now and the room layout has always been a challenge to light and still be able to reach my plants to water. My brother took this last grow cycle off and let me borrow his Nextlight Mega, which allowed me to double up my Mars Hydros as a little grow hack to see how it would work. I have to say that the flowers under the double Mars Hydro are looking just as good as the ones under the Nextlight Mega in my opinion. We are shopping now for something to replace the Nextlight Mega when we are done. My husband is looking at Rapid LEDs but suggestions for this space would be appreciated.

Being a grower in Michigan we are allowed 12 plants here. In this garden I have Amherst Sour Diesel, OGKZ, Wedding Cake, Wedding Gelato, and Jorge’s Diamonds which is from Dutch Passion and is a THC-V strain that I am super excited about. The plants are currently ending week 6 of flower. They look and smell amazing.

Thank you for being a part of my morning every day – Scottie, Dude, and Guru 🙂


Shout out to my husband MrMan and our local grow store, Growers Outlet on Clyde Park in Byron Center MI