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What up DGC, its your boy SONofTHC out here flying the flag in the north of the England missing you all on youtube but heyho. just got a quik question here my girls or on there 3rd week of life, i have 5 bubblegum autos from fastbuds i have just started adding nutes as for the 1st 2 weeks of any plant i just like to add pH adjusted water to let the seed do its thing grow a few internodes start offshooting a few branches and then add nutes. All i have introduced at reduced strength is grow, roots and a cal-mag products (roots is the name of the adaptive self explanatory i know just thought id mention incase any1 was like how is he adding roots lol ) next weeks feed i will be adding the microbes to the party. They are all in 11ltr pots ( just under 3 gals) I’m using a new line this run called SHOGUN. At the moment grown under an 8bar 400w t5. All my girls look great except for 1 its leaves are looking a bit off and the only thing i can think of is if its not a nute deficiency which I’m not to sure it is is the only other thing i can say about this plant is that my supersonic mist humidifier is right next to it and blowing out over the plants. Its not directing blowing into it but due to fans the mist could be blown through or over it as it disperses if you can picture that. So anyways my question is in the pics displayed is this a nute deficiency or due to the mist from my humidifier and i need to find somewhere new to relocate it. Thanks crew keep up what you do and much love from me to all of you and grow on 💚👊😙👌💨